My friends are very consoling; whenever I tell them about horrible, unfortunate things that happen in my life. They all come up with the same refrain, “Don’t worry about it; you’re a lucky guy; it could have been worse.”

When my business partner embezzled all the money. They said, I was lucky, I still had my health, and so it could have been worse.


When I was held up at gun point by a wild eyed man who had a killer’s look in his eye, they said, Wow! You’re so lucky, he only took your wallet and he didn’t shoot you. You know, it could have been worse.

When we came home from a vacation and found there was an odor of smoke in the house. We asked our 3 kids what was that smell? They told us the lady who we hired to watch them (we paid her and she left in a hurry) was smoking in bed and the mattress caught fire. When we examined the bed it was all newly made up, but the mattress had a huge burn hole in it and some coffee stains. I guess she used the coffee as a fire extinguisher. O.K. you guessed it; my friends all said I was a lucky guy; the children were safe and sound and all I had to do to solve the problem was to buy a new mattress. So it could have been worse.

I ask you, why does this all happen to me? Yeah, I know, I’m just lucky.

After a terrible auto accident, I was laid up in the hospital. An old friend came to visit and I was telling him about my painful injuries and he said, you’re lucky it could have been worse.

I lost it…”You son-of-a-bitch! What could be worse,” I shouted into his face. He coolly answered… “it could have happened to me.”

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