There used to be an experiment in high school, where they would drop a frog into a pot of extremely hot water to test the frog’s nervous system, and see if the frog was smart enough to jump out. It always did.

Then they would drop the same frog into a pot of room temperature water where it inevitably just stayed and swam, unaware and seemingly unaffected by its surroundings. Lastly, they placed a burner under the pot and turned it on, slowly increasing the temperature one degree per minute. The frog continued to just swim around without noticing what was happening. The water became hotter and hotter … and the frog eventually died.

Despite the fact that the frog literally was being boiled, it never once tried to escape from certain death. It never even noticed the precarious situation it was in. This cruel experiment is no longer done. However, it can provide you with excellent information about how you can assess your own health. Because the temperature change was slow, the frog didn’t notice the pain or discomfort of being boiled. The frog died slowly, and never once knew of the urgent need to escape certain death.

Unfortunately, there is a strong chance you are like those frogs. Every day we are subjected to stress in the forms of unnatural pollution and toxins, unhealthy diets, emotional and mental pressures of work, family issues, paying the bills … as well as not getting nearly enough exercise, sunlight, or laughter.

Slowly throughout your lifetime, your nervous system has become so accustomed to your unnatural and unhealthy choices that you don’t even realize they are killing you, one degree at a time. By the time you finally realize that something is wrong, the downward spiral has sometimes gone on for decades.

Only the lucky ones get symptoms in the early stage, and many individuals will either ignore the symptoms, or mask them with drugs. Did you know the first sign of heart disease, more than 50 percent of the time, is a heart attack? And that fifty percent of heart attack victims die instantly?

Are you Willing to play with those kinds of odds? Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and even tooth decay are all processes that occur over time due to unhealthy lifestyles. If there was a way to assess where you are currently, and where you are headed, wouldn’t you want to find out if you are “being boiled” before it is too late?

We are like those boiling frogs, sitting in a pot of water that is slowly killing us and we never do anything to stop it. What’s worse is that someone else committed the frogs to their untimely demise, but sadly we continue to do this to ourselves with poor lifestyle choices, day after day after day.

Fortunately, your body has an amazing capacity for self healing. You can in fact turn things around, and start a positive healthy spiral upwards, even in the face of deadly disease.


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