————————–RHINESTONE YORKIE———————–
By Harvey Tobkes

Occasionally I crave an exceptional cup of coffee and yesterday was one of those days. It was 3 P.M., way past my lunchtime and I had not eaten since breakfast, so I thought the local Dunkin’ Donuts store would be a good choice. I ordered a hazelnut coffee and a veggie egg-white sandwich on flatbread and carried my tray to a small table near the rest rooms.

I was browsing on my iPhone, and enjoying my food when I could not help notice what was strolling towards me. As Yogi Berra said if you observe you will see a lot and I saw an elderly woman with a bouffant hairdo, wearing too tight Capri pants and spiked heels leading a hairy little Yorkie, wearing a 14 karat fake gold collar and attached to a matching leash.

They both disappeared into the ladies room. I wondered what the hell was going on in there. My curiosity got the best of me and when they finally came out I gave her my charm smile, as I did not want to be taken as a wise-ass, and I asked her which one had to go, was it her or the pooch. “Oh he always accompanies me,” she said with a flirty smile, appearing glad to have a man’s attention, any man, even an old fart like me.

She didn’t mind that I picked up on the gender of the Yorkie and l asked if he wasn’t embarrassed being among the ladies doing their business. “Oh no,” she answered “and now we are leaving and I will find a nice spot in the grass for him to do his business.”

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