By Harvey Tobkes

Question from a dear friend:

Why is it that we change our desktop image every once in a while? Why is it that people find less appeal in their partners as time goes on?

My Answer:


You are asking me to explain the workings of man’s inner brain. I am afraid that it will remain a mystery for all time akin to the question, “what happens after death?”

But I found this little article which somewhat addresses the problem of boredom:


Imagine losing your eyesight for a year, and then suddenly regaining it. The joy is boundless. Every “sight” becomes a point of focus and fascination.

People usually get tired of life when their ideas become fixed. Whatever your age, occupation, or station in life, be fascinated with learning. When we become used to something, we tend to overlook its intrinsic beauty. It loses its glisten and sparkle.

Don’t assume that your viewpoint is the only way. You may have heard an idea a thousand times before, but then someone presents it from a slightly different angle, and you say, “That’s amazing… I never thought of that before!” Listen to every concept as if hearing it for the first time. You’ll be surprised at the deeper levels yet to discover.

Author Unknown

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