Let Me Do the Math For You

Bill Gates tops the Forbes list of billionaires with a fortune of 51 billion dollars. In the U.SA., a billion is a thousand million.

Katrina, the most costly hurricane in the history of this nation, caused estimated damage of $44 billion. Simple subtraction tell us that Gates could write a check and pay for repairing all Katrina’s devastation and still have $7 billion to play with.

Most of us can think in terms of a million dollars…people win lotteries amounting to that much. But I cannot conceive in my mind of $7000 million (the same as $7 billion)… so Gates would not be destitute.

I’m not suggesting the preposterous idea that Bill write that check; I‘m just helping you reflect on how rich he really is.

May his fortune increase and I’m sure it will, (just think about the interst on all that dough),…I could get along very nicely on that!

But may there never again be another Katrina.

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