Open Letter To My Cousin, Jeff

Hi Jeff:

Let’s be candid, president Bush was being a hypocrite by eliminating the words “Merry Christmas” from his holiday greeting cards.

There is no doubt that he is a devout Christian and his faith is genuine, so why deny it and try to please the voting public. On that basis, he should pull our troops out of Iraq tomorrow and get rid of Cheney and Rumsfeld. I detest when our leaders make decisions to please the voters rather than take action that is good for our country.

Bill Clinton and Harvey

Senator Lieberman is supposedly a devout Jew, so if he wished people a Merry Christmas that would be offensive to most Jews, but not me. What’s wrong with wishing a Christian person a joyous hoiliday by saying the words, “Merry Christmas?” You can argue that if Lieberman wished all a Happy Chanukah, he would be in big trouble. But, but, but… Jews are a huge minority (2% of the U.S. population). The truth is that Jews are still trying to assimilate in this country. Those that don’t change with the times are the fundamentalists like Chassidim and Whacko Arab radicals. To be honest, I am embarrassed by the Chassids who dislike secular Jews as much as we dislike them.

You might want to read the article, Wishful Thinking on this web site referring to all the foregoing.

Dolls for Christmas photoAdvice for Santa: About you coming down the chimney…. Hey Santa, what about all the people who don’t have chimneys? I have one word for you Santa — Windows! Everybody has windows.”

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