Heavyweight Prime Minister

Obesity is a huge health problem in the U.S. and it keeps getting worse. Yet it seems we are not the only country where people dissipate when it comes to food.


I sympathize with Israel’s prime minister Ariel Sharon, because I feel he is headed off a cliff. By that I mean, I doubt whether he will be able to change his eating habits or lose weight. When you are in a position that requires much dining with others in homes or restaurants, then controlling what you eat is impossible. In government and politics Sharon is renown for his steel will, but the pleasure of comfort foods is “Bulldozing” his power to resist temptation, and he has disregarded the consequences. However, I feel that in his case, persistent forces of stress contribute to his overeating. Somewhat like getting hooked on a drug to reileve pain.

I read that he had a dinner with family and friends just before he was hit with a stroke, and the meal included hamburgers, steak, lamb chops, shish-kebab and chocolate cake. I would love to sit at a table and gorge on a feast like that, but if you do, you have to be willing to accept the fact that you are feeding and fueling the development of …heart disease, stroke, cancer, dementia and diabetes, just to name a few perils.

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