Protests Have Limitations


BEIRUT (Reuters) – Thousands of angry Muslim protesters torched the Danish consulate in Beirut on Sunday and damaged property in a Christian area in riots over cartoons of Prophet Mohammad. Security forces arrested 174 protesters: 76 Syrians, 38 Lebanese, 35 Palestinians and 25 stateless Bedouins, a police official told Reuters.*

Please scroll down 3 articles and you will find “Freedom Has Limitations.”

By way of an addendum I should like to add the following:

I just finished reading Yahoo News describing protestors rioting in Lebanon and mobs burning the Danish embasssy in wild reaction to a Denmark newspaper publishing mocking cartoons of Prophet Muhammad.

FlamesIt should be understood that “Protests Too, Have Limitations.”

Lawless riots, arson, anarchy, destruction, looting and uncontrolled mob behavior are not justified and never to be condoned.

*Lebanese torch Danish consulate over cartoons – Yahoo! News

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