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Koran scholar declares: US will cease to exist in 2007

This article written by Khaled Abu Toameh for, THE JERUSALEM POST Mar. 29, 2005

According to research published by Palestinian Koran scholar Ziad Silwadi, thorough analysis of the Koran reveals that the U.S . will cease to exist in the year 2007. The study, which has caught the attention of millions of Muslims worldwide, is based on in-depth interpretations of various verses in the Koran. It predicts that the US will be hit by a tsunami larger than that which recently struck southeast Asia.

“The tsunami waves are a minor rehearsal in comparison with what awaits the US in 2007,” the researcher concluded in his study. “The Holy Koran warns against the Omnipotent Allah’s force. A great sin will cause a huge flood in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.”

In his lengthy study, which is being circulated in many Muslim countries, Silwadi noted that the US has often been compared to a tree that grows very quickly and bears fruit, but has no roots.

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