The Feel Good Column

Amy Turner Tunick

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor – 29 months


No one ever lives in the perfection of his or her dreams. You have to shape your life and use your time to make your life what you want it to be. There are many ways to reach the path you have decided to take in life. It’s up to you to decide how, when, and whether you are going to enjoy doing so.

The secret to cheering yourself up is to always try to concentrate on the things that make you happy. Everyone is different, but what we all have in common (apart from the troubles) are the joys. Both are lovable quirks of life on Earth.

Never stop laughing. Consider yourself happy as long as you can really laugh. Don’t forget to smile when things get tough, it increases oxygen flow to the brain, and has many other positive benefits. If you have a pet, spend time with him or her. My tiny teacup poodle, Kiwi, always cheers me up. It always makes me smile when he looks at me with his big black eyes, begging for a doggy treat. Dogs give so much unconditional love to anyone who takes care of them.

Become a provider of little tidbits of happiness. Do little things for the people you love, for no real reason except to show that you care. One small act of kindness will make a world of a difference to someone having a bad day. They now know you care, because you showed that despite your busy life…you prioritized them. And that’s a very good feeling to give and have.

Love, Amy

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