What A Pity!

By Harvey Tobkes

Lately Americans are more divided than ever, and Republicans and Democrats are at each others throats. To make matters worse there is a new book on the market, “State of Denial” written by Bob Woodward (his articles brought down the Nixon administration after the debacle of the break-in at The Watergate and secret White House tapes). In the book he alleges incompetence, but not any wrongdoing of a criminal nature. So, what government can survive a microscopic examination and not be accused of incompetence…especially in hindsight.


I am thinking about writing a short book, which will reveal what our president really should have done. I can summarize the book for you in just one paragraph:

Based on the information we had back in March of 2003, Bush was right to use the military to affect a regime change in Iraq. The war ended quickly (in just 19 days) and we basked in a moment of victory. That’s when we screwed up; we stupidly disbanded their army. We should have taken a lesson from “The Godfather” and made the Iraqi troops an offer they could not refuse. Something like… O.K. you guys, the bad news is you lost the war, the good news is I am doubling your pay, and you are now working for the good old U.S.A. Your job is going to be easy…just continue what you were doing by controlling the insurgents. Nobody is going to worry about a little torture and a few missing bodies buried in ditches.

Wow! Think of the billions of dollars we would have saved. The Muslim world would have loved and adored us. Shiites and Sunnis would rejoice in harmony, and the people would throw flowers at our brave soldiers instead of rocket propelled grenades. Peace would reign through the Middle East. Osama bin laden would open a convenience store in Ohio and joy would reign throughout the world.

What a pity we wasted such an opportunity!


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