1st Beaver spotted in NYC in 200 years

AP originated this article, it was posted on Yahoo today.

Beavers gnawed out a prominent place in the city’s early days as a European settlement, attracting fur traders to a nascent Manhattan. The animal appears in the city seal to symbolize a Dutch trading company that factored in the city’s colonial beginnings, according to the city’s Web site.
But amid heavy trapping, beavers disappeared from the city in the early 1800s, according to the city Parks & Recreation Department.
The beaver that has made its way to the Bronx appears to be a male, several feet (a meter) long and two or three years old, said Patrick Thomas, the mammals curator at the nearby Bronx Zoo.


My comment: And I thought the reason we don’t see much Beaver anymore is that females are very conscious of their Bikini Patch and regularly shave their Beaver.

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