I thought I held that title until I read this:

World’s Oldest Blogger is 107

By: INQUIRER news desk Monday 26 February 2007, 14:09

OLIVE RILEY HAS has been declared the world’s oldest blogger, having begun to blog at the ripe old age of 107.

The ancient Aussie, born October, 20th, 1899, captivated the Interweb with tales of her derring-do with her first post last Tuesday. In the post, an obviously sprightly Olive is pictured swimming with her great, great grandchildren and supping shandy.

She has been identified as the world’s oldest blogger, being some 12 years older than the previous holder of the title young Spaniard, Señora Maria Amélia.

As Eric Shackle notes, when Olive was born at Broken Hill in 1899, nearby Sydney was the capital of the British colony of New South Wales, and was ruled by Queen Victoria.

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