List of Polite Cities (35 Best)

Polite thank-you

Recently, Reader’s Digest embarked on a quest to determine just which city is in fact the place where gentility and decorum rule the day. This week, that very august publication released their list of the 35 most polite cities in the world, and although admittedly unscientific, the results were rather surprising to some, and downright upsetting to others.

Reader’s Digest sent out a team of reporters to a host of different cities, and performed a number of experiments such as seeing who would hold a door open and such), throughout different parts of the city. After they were finished with their work, they determined that New York, once thought of as a rough-and-tumble, take no prisoners urban jungle, now in fact contains urbanity’s most genteel citizens.

Other cities were not so fortunate, and a few residents of Mumbai, India were upset to learn that their city ranked last in the rankings.

Harvey’s comment: Miami is waiting for the Reader’s Digest to compile a list of the 35 most “impolite” cities worldwide. They’re sure to top the list.

To view the rankings, click the link below.

Source: Good Manners: World of Courtesy: Ranking of 35 Cities

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