By Jacy L. Youn

Stress is a funny thing. On one hand, humans thrive on it. The little bit of adrenaline caused by the stress preceding a tough sales pitch could be just the thing a salesperson needs to really wow his clients and close the deal.

On the other hand, high levels of stress left unattended can literally kill you. Most businesspeople live somewhere in between these two extremes. They work around the clock, cater to their families and leave very little time, if any, for important activities that help counter stress, such as exercise, rest and a healthy diet.Worried woman

The problem with this sort of chaotic lifestyle is that the effects of stress accumulate quietly over time, later manifesting themselves in very ugly ways. And we’re not just talking about the physical, external symptoms of stress, such as bags under the eyes, hair loss and weight gain.

Stress is a predisposing factor for a great number of serious ailments and conditions, ranging from high blood pressure to acid reflux and headaches. The majority of stress-induced ailments are “psychosomatic,” meaning the illness affects the body (soma), because of one’s mind or spirit (psyche). It’s confusing stuff, we know. But we hope to help connect the dots between stress and some of the everyday ailments you may be living with.

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