By Harvey Tobkes

Just imagine this scenario for a moment with some slight changes to what Don Imus actually said about the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team members, which was to call them, “nappy haired ho’s.”

Imagine this: Imus was discussing the improbable win of the Yeshiva University Men’s Basketball Team and he said, “Those long-nosed, short-pecker Jews…played a helluva game!”

Oy Vey! There would be hell to pay. He would be fired faster than you could say chopped liver.

So why prolong the inevitable? Jimmy the Greek (a famous sportscaster and odds maker) was fired for saying that black basketball players are more gifted than whites because they can jump higher and have more athleticism owing to their ancestral jungle roots. He was “Gonzo” in a wink.

And how about Imus compounding this and making it a farce by looking for a bail-out from Al Sharpton and turning to him for moral guidance and absolution. Who is next? Louis Farrakhan, perhaps.

I don’t understand the apologists minimizing Imus’ remarks. Imus should resign and retire on one of those Greek Islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

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