By Harvey Tobkes

Because you were given problems, doesn’t mean they are meant to destroy you. Maybe the process of healing, changing and getting better will make you stronger! Overcoming adversity sometimes brings to the surface your inner strengths, and endurance you never knew you had.Worried woman

There are times when you believe you have the world’s worst problems. You may feel there is no one below you on the misery scale. You may feel you are unluckier than that bug that just got squished on the windshield. Remember this, everyone in the world feels that way at times. That’s why it’s so reassuring to realize that we aren’t that unfortunate after all, in comparison to others.

Never underestimate that the world is a continuously changing place. Never undervalue the fact that things can change for the better.

There is a Jewish proverb that says, “He who is rich, is happy with what he has.”

Try to appreciate what you do have that others do not, and set attainable goals that will make you better and happier.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a magic wand, and could wave it and erase your painful memories of the past. If only you could start living in the present and the future and let go of bygones…easier said than done. Try being an optimist, and feel someday soon there will be an epiphany and the new and happy “you”will emerge.

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