By Harvey Tobkes

I recommend you open the Wall Street Journal article (see below) and read about the bloat, pork and scam programs purporting to create jobs and turn the economy around. Meanwhile, please allow me to blow my top and vent my anger; the House of Representatives just passed the stimulus bill: —


Here we go again throwing taxpayer’s good money at useless, costly pet projects. I have admiration and respect for Obama taking quick action to fix our problems, but I want more. Every penny of the $900 billion dollars should be spent for job creation and only that. A financial oversight ombudsman committee should focus like a laser beam, line by line, on all the hundreds of pages of allocations and perform liposuction on the fat. Maybe then, the people of this country would begin to see the benefits of all that money. Today, I heard a talk show host say his staff examined the Bail Out Bill and discovered that only a measly $30 billion, (3.333%) of the $900 billion will definitely create jobs; the rest is either nebulous, wishful-thinking, a dream or an outright fraud on the trusting public.


Outrage is slowly building as more and more of the “Spend-Out” proposals are being exposed to the light and getting the smell test. Next we may read that the government is going to invest half of the $900,000,000,000 with Bernie Madoff.

Wall Street Journal (full article)

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