1. Hertz
When you have tons of debt financing your fleet of cars, falling rental demand really hurts.

2. Textron
What a tough time to be selling business jets.

3. Sprint Nextel
Sprint Nextel is bleeding customers, and could lose as many as 4.4 million net post-paid subscribers this year.

4. Macy’s
Same store sales will likely keep falling at Macy’s right through 2009. With $2.4 billion of maturing debt over the next five years, the company is trying to cut costs, and has already reduced its dividend.

5. Goodyear
Demand for Goodyear tires has sunk, and the company is saddled with massive debt and pension obligations.

6. CBS
Weak advertising and falling license fees have sent CBS’s earnings off a cliff in 2009. If they remain depressed for too long, the company could have trouble refinancing $3.2 billion of debt coming due over the next five years.

7. Advanced Micro Devices
When will AMD actually make money again? The question is becoming more important by the day since it carries over $5 billion in long-term debt.

8. Las Vegas Sands
Las Vegas Sands over-expanded and over-levered in the last few years and now has over $10 billion in debt to deal with.

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