By Harvey Tobkes

In the U.S. there is a perception that we have a wonderful education system and we are smarter than people in backward countries. We may have been more advanced, but not more intelligent.. The emergence of academic and business world opportunities for young people in other nations (especially Asians) has made it appear that they are in ascendancy and we are in decline; the former is true the latter is not.

Going back to man in pre-historic times, we cannot say we are now smarter, because over the millenniums we built on each others advances, and 1000 years from today we will appear to have been that pre-historic man.

That is why I contend that repressed people, with no way to become educated and build on the knowledge of others, were held back. Now that governments are becoming more free and open, the people are thriving like a starving man who is given an abundance of food.

If Asians and people of the Middle East are showing that they are our equals and in some cases achieve more than us, that seems like an aberration, but it is merely a demonstration of the equality of human beings.

The Japanese underestimated the U.S. and awakened a sleeping giant. Those who speculate that the Westernized world is declining to a second tier status are not seeing clearly. The competition will have a positive affect on both sides and the world will benefit.. The Chinese and Russians were stealing our technology and now they have become innovative and perhaps we can return the “favor.”

Maybe this is wishful thinking by an optimist, (me), but I think we will see worldwide technology advancements at a phenomenal rate and hopefully, out of all this, people can begin to recognize the worth of other people and it might all become a stimulant for world peace.

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