No Faking Female Orgasm In Scientific Research

By Patricia Reaney

COPENHAGEN- Women may be able to fool their partners by faking an orgasm but a brain scanner will catch them out every time, a conference heard Monday.

Researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands have used scans to show that different areas of the brain are stimulated during an orgasm but are not activated when a woman fakes it.

Orgasm“Women can imitate orgasm quite well,” Gert Holstege told a fertility meeting Monday. “But there is nothing really happening in the brain.”

He and colleagues took brain scans of 13 women , aged 19-49 who had volunteered for the study, while they were being sexually stimulated by their partner during an orgasm, and compared them to images of their brains at rest.

“We wanted to know what the brain was doing during orgasm,” Holstege said.

My Comment: I predict it won’t be long before Wal-Mart starts selling discount “O Detctors,” and men will be backed up on line trying to make a purchase!

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