Amy Turner Tunick

Pancreatic Cancer Survivor – 30 months

Happiness is appreciation of the fact that you know your life could go amiss, but it didn’t turn out as bad as it could have. It’s comparing the large amount of goodness that’s happening now, to the large amount of unpleasantness that happened before.

If you had everything you probably would be more bored than happy. When you remember what it’s like to have nothing, it’s easy to find a way to enjoy even something marginally better!

Since everyone is different, and we all have unique attitudes, we all look at life differently; so many diverse things make us happy. Life’s little jokes, happy and sad memories, logic, emotion, priorities and inspirational quotes all make us feel strongly about different things. Many things make who we are, some under our control, and some not. But there are many things we can concentrate on to make us feel happy wherever we are.

I wish you all much happiness.
Love, Amy

Written by Amy Turner. For the full article…The Sun Times Newspaper in South Florida

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