• Fear is often much more destructive than that which is feared.
  • Anxiety can often be far more harmful than those things about which you are anxious.
  • Avoiding effort can be more difficult and time consuming than the effort itself.
    Worrying about a negative situation is usually more prolonged and painful than experiencing the situation itself.
  • Life is best when you face it directly.
  • Your efforts are far more effective when they don’t have to push through layers of denial,
    avoidance and anxiety.
  • When something must be said, stand up and say it.
  • When something needs to be done, get busy and do it.
  • It can be tempting to put tasks off until later, or to think that problems will just go away,
    or to hope that some magical occurrence will fulfill your desires. Yet the truth is that the real fulfillment in life comes from putting all of yourself into the living of it.
  • So go ahead and face that fear, make that effort, move forward into new territory and fully live the grand possibilities with which you’re blessed.
  • Boldly face life, and you’ll find it to be better than you ever imagined.

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