——————————–BREAKING NEWS—————————-

A shocking announcement by Obama was made just 12 hours after last night’s debate at Lynn University. In an attempt to settle the religious controversy surrounding him, Barack Obama revealed this morning that he is converting to Judaism.


Buffeted by criticism of his controversial Christian pastor while continuing to quell rumors that he is a Muslim, President Barack Obama took a bold step today to settle questions about his religious faith once and for all. “On the holiday of this coming Chanukah (December 8th), I am converting to the Jewish faith,” Obama told reporters at a White House press conference this morning. He also jolted them with with the news that he would change his middle name from Hussein to Isadore.

As a sign of commitment to his new faith, the president said that he anticipated having his Bar Mitzvah on January 17th, 2013, which happens to be his wife’s 49th birthday and that he would no longer work on Saturdays.

While some political observers praised Obama’s conversion to Judaism as a shrewd tactic to put the issue of his religious identity to rest, the move raised the ire of one of his harshest critics, ex-Governor Mitt Romney.

When Romney was asked for his comments on the Obama report he stated, “Barack Isadore Obama wouldn’t have had all the tsuris with the country’s economy, debt and unemployment if he had used a Yiddisher Kopf back in 2008.” As a cordial gesture, Romney was generous enough to offer to perform the required ritual circumcision personally.

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