It is not generally known that when Moses first came down from the Mount the tabernacles contained fourteen commandments. When he read them out to the Children of Israel there was great commotion.


One of the spokesmen said to Moses ” This is very hard on us Moses, please go back and try to reason with the Lord. Explain that we are human and to keep all these commandments will place great hardship on us”. So, very reluctantly Moses went back up to the Mount with the tabernacles and after a week, gaunt and haggard came stumbling back to the Tents of Israel. The people gathered around expectantly and the spokesman asked” Nu, Moses, how did it go up there?”

Moses could hardly speak, he was hoarse from his week long pleadings for his people.

Commandments Finally he said “Well, I have good news and bad news, The good news is that I managed to get it down to only ten commandments, but the bad news is that adultery is still in.”


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