By Harvey Tobkes

Would you believe the stupidity of some of the health sites and the information they give people who search the Internet seeking medical advice and information? Just read below! I hesitate to reveal the source.

DoctorThe next time you pay a visit to your doctor (assuming it’s a man), you may want to ask him when was the last time he had his tie cleaned, according to a British report about combating staph infections in hospitals.

The report, released by the British Medical Association, urges physicians to stop wearing ties because people rarely have them cleaned, meaning they could be an ideal source of infection.

So, now that you have read the report from the British Medical Association, imagine this conversation:

Patient: Hey Doc, do me a favor, please remove your tie.

Doc: Why?

Patient: I see germs crawling on it.

Doc: Don’t be ridiculous! My wife gave me this tie for Christmas and I like it.

Patient: If you don’t remove it, I’m suing for malpractice.

Doc: I would like to recommend a very good psychiatrist; he’s right next door.

Patient: does he wear ties?

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