By Harvey Tobkes

As some of you know, I walk 4 miles every day alongside the beach and the ocean here in Hallandale/Hollywood. Sometimes when I want to have some fun with gadgets, I use my handheld Magellan GPS, which gets its signal from satellites and is accurate to within an incredible 5 feet. Sometimes I wear my heart monitor strapped across my chest, which then gives me my heart rate read out on my wristwatch. All this low tech (by today’s standards) was unimaginable and inconceivable 10 years ago.

Walking manAlso indispensable, is my iPod, Classic. I have an eclectic selection of musc in every genre imaginable to choose from so that I can select the music to match my mood. My favorite has 100 inspirational Marches, all selected from my MP3 files; a variety of music from around the world, e.g. La Marseillaise from France, Glory, Glory Hallelujah from the U.S. The Brave Don Cossacks from Russia, the classical Marche Militaire played by the Andre Rieu orchestra, themes from the movies like Rocky and Bridge Over The River Kwai, Radetzky March, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Hava Nagila from Israel, Russian Waltz by Shostakovich and When Johnny Come Marching Home Again. Just to name a few.

Well, I used to walk at a faster pace but my GPS tells me my current walk speed average is 20 minutes per mile. I confess nobody likes to walk with me because when my mood is elevated I often sing along quite loudly to the music in my headset. Nevertheless, when the endorphins flow, I emote completely uninhibited.

I never get bored or tired doing all this; it does not require discipline; if I don’t do it I feel like something is wrong somewhere (a crude but similar example would be when you are out of sorts owing to constipation).

Why is it that sometimes a simple toy (like a boat made from paper) will please a child more than the most expensive train set?

Why is it that some adults can find a high state of elation and happiness in things that cost little or nothing, yet others try to spend their way to happiness only to find that doesn’t work?

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