By Harvey Tobkes

Candidate Dr. Ben Carson thinks he is being harassed by the media with “gotcha questions” because they want answers to the things he said and did in the past. His indignant response has been to say ‘let’s move on’, as if a response was beneath his dignity. Hey Doc, you need a better cover-up for your Walter Mitty like fantasies.

A hungry fly lucked out and flew into a horse barn. He spotted a pile of manure in one of the stalls and flew right into the droppings. He ate and ate and ate some more. Now he was ready to go home but when he flapped his wings, he could not get off the ground and into flight.

He now regretted eating so much because the weight gain prevented him from getting back in the air.
He spotted a pitchfork leaning against the wall, and being a clever little devil, a plan popped into his tiny brain.

He would climb up the shaft of the pitchfork until he got up to the handle, and then he would launch himself into flight and be on his way. Ka-boomHe launched and splattered on the cement floor of the stall. Splat! Dead fly.

>>>>And the moral of the story is…when you are full of shit don’t fly off the handle.< <<<


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