————————true story——————–

By Harvey Tobkes]

Many of you know that I spent my work career in the car business. Here’s a story that I remember happening when I was a rookie, too many years ago:

Religious items

Every morning, to start the day, our boss Abe Levine, ended the meeting with inspirational words, and then he would make the sign of the cross. He raised his right hand just above his head and brought it down vertically and then quickly raised it to chest level and moved it horizontally from left to right.

This puzzled me greatly, and as a new guy on the sales team, I thought I would endear myself to my boss by asking him a semi-personal question. So, I got up my courage and asked, “Hey Boss, you’re Jewish, so how come at the end of the meetings you make the sign of the cross?”

“Ohhh that,” he replied, “that just means mark them down and move them out.”

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