I believe the all-time best self-help book is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

The great thing about this book is it really helps you take the focus off of yourself and put it on other people. I am an introvert by nature, but following Dale Carnegie’s advice really helps me be more socially confident. Four reasons I love this book and would highly recommend it, especially for those new to the self-help genre.

1) It’s old. It was first published in 1936. It isn’t some flavor of the day self-help book. It’s principles have stood up to scrutiny for 80 years. In fact, many contemporary self-improvement texts borrow liberally from the core ideas in this book.
2) It’s short. We are busy people, and Dale Carnegie said what he wanted to say briefly. You can easily read the entire book in one setting if you choose (though that is not the way I recommend to read it; I’ll explain why in a moment.)
3) It’s dense with advice. Some books I read are essentially a long dissertation on just a single principle. How to Win Friends and Influence People is packed with practical advice, and virtually every page introduces new information for the reader. That is why I do not suggest reading it all at once – you simply won’t absorb all its wisdom that way.
4) It’s more about action than just ideas. If you want practical advice you can use, this book works. Sometimes I read self-help books, find myself agreeing intensely with everything the author is saying, but struggle to envision how I can apply those ideas to my life. Carnegie’s book directly tells you how to act out it’s principles with example after example.

If you want the best results, only read a few pages at a time. Then practice that principle for a week. Do it over and over until it becomes a habit. Then take on a few more pages. Practice the next piece of advice for a week. Do this over and over until you digest the entire book. This method takes time, but I guarantee you’ll see a significant positive transformation of your personality if you stick at it for a few months.

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