Carolyn Walker, hand-picked by President Obama; sworn-in as judge of the 7th Municipal District, Brooklyn. In the photo above she is holding the “Holy Quran” on which she took the oath of office at a ceremony in Brooklyn-Boro-hall on December 10, 2015. Since the Quran forbids all law, but Sharia’ Law, she will head the first Federally-sanctioned Sharia Court.

…”Gives me chills up my legs”, said political commentator, talk show host, and author, Chris Matthews; he is well-known for his nightly talk show, Hardball with Chris Matthews.

There was very little media coverage of the event. Another kink in the armor, not many know about our new Muslim judge. We should be very worried about this appointment and very watchful.

Obama supporters, your dream has become our nightmare.

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