Some people have been calling for white people to pay black people reparations for slavery. But if that were to happen where would Obama fit, as he is half white, half black? Would he receive reparations, pay reparations, or would it come out equal?

I say Obama would have to pay. On his mother’s white side he is likely decendant of white slave owners. But on his black side his father comes from Kenya and he is not the decendant of American slaves. In fact it is more likely he is the decendant of blacks in Africa who sold other blacks to the whites for slavery.

So in Obama’s case it looks like he would owe reparations.

In contrast, although I am a white person, my ancestors immigrated from eastern Europe in the 1870s which was after slavery was abolished. Therefore I’m not decendant from slave owners.

However being of Jewish decent I’m still waiting for reparations from the Egyptians for slavery.

This whole reparations thing gets more complicated if you get past the idea that all white people owe all black people a check. Perhaps it’s time to forget this color thing and decide we are all part of the human race?

Source: Dvorak.com

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