By Harvey Tobkes

If you have been to a beach lately, have you noticed how many young women have tattoos?

BeachThe most favored parts of the anatomy women choose are… the lower back, just above where the skimpy covering for their derriere does its job and the tattoo is appropriately called by the younger generation a “tramp stamp.”

In second place are the ankles, and in third place, I think it’s above a breast. In a worst case scenario, some have the name of a boyfriend tattooed on their bodies and sooner or later he becomes an ex-boyfriend. Then what? Probably an expensive laser erasure. To view the NY Times article on the subject, click below:
Erasing Tattoos, Out of Regret or for a New Canvas – New York Times

So, what’s my objection? Well, I feel that someday we are going to find that a huge percentage of the nation’s sweet old grandmas are a bunch of tattooed old ladies. Red Riding Hood would say, “Grandma what a cute little tattoo you have on your tush.” I find tattoos on women are a big turnoff and very declasse, at the least. What can become a huge problem is the permanence of inking your body, because the removal of a tattoo is a very difficult procedure.

P.S. In case my wife reads this, my observation of the lovely young ladies and their anatomy was done strictly as research for this article.

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