By Harvey Tobkes

Florida TV weatherman Bryan Norcross became hated because he was the equivalent of the boy who cried, “wolf.” After his TV stint during hurricane Andrew he was a popular guy… for a while. We had threatening storms almost every year after Andrew, but they all fizzled. Nevertheless, Norcross would be the “go to” guy for viewers because of his work during Andrew, and he would use his position to scare the shit out of everyone with apocalyptic warnings of the forces of doom and destruction descending on Florida..and the next day the sun would be shining and all was normal.

It was a false alarm so people felt like duped fools as some had evacuated to places far from home, others left the shelters where they fled for safety, schools and stores reopened, and all of us had tons of emergency stuff, canned food up the gazzigy, more candles than a church and closets full of useless crap that was not needed. Contrary to Norcross’s ravings, maybe there was a little rain but there was no inconvenience. In fact, all was well, except we all felt we were “played” by Norcross and now he is trying to make a comeback on the wings of hurricane Irma.

This time I am not optimistic. Hey Bryan! Don’t get a swell head, even a clock is right twice a day.

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