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Professor Albert Einstein had a driver.

This man used to drive him to all of his lectures, listen patiently in the back row, and then drive him home.

One day, Einstein was asked to give a lecture at a small college that he had never visited before. Having given the lecture many times before, he confessed to his driver, “Gosh I am so tired of giving this lecture. No one knows me here. I am sure this will be a waste of my time.”

The driver immediately responded, “Why sir, I have heard this lecture a thousand times. Let me give it, and you can rest in the back row.” Einstein consented.

The lecture goes swimmingly. However, right as the driver is walking offstage, a professor proceeds to ask him a question that is so hopelessly complex that few can comprehend it, let alone answer it.

The driver, without missing a beat, gestures to Einstein, decked out in full chauffeur attire, and proclaims, “Why that question is so simple, I will let my driver answer it!”

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