By Andy Borowitz

DES MOINES (The Borowitz Report) –

A growing number of conspiracy theorists believe that the Democrat candidates who keep showing up for televised debates are impostors and that the actual candidates are tied up in a warehouse somewhere.

“There’s no way that these people are the actual candidates,” said Tracy Klugian, a leading conspiracy theorist who subscribes to the warehouse theory. “The American people need to stand up and demand the return of the real ones.”

Mr. Klugian, who started the website www.WhereAreTheRealOnes.com, said he started suspecting “something was up” months ago when the “supposed Democrat candidates started debating,” but last night’s debate in Iowa left little doubt in his mind that the actual Democrat candidates have been detained elsewhere.

“When the most sensible person onstage is Pocahontas Warren ” he said, “you know that what you’re witnessing is an elaborate hoax.”

Conspiracy theorists like Mr. Klugian leave little doubt who might be behind the conspiracy to tie up the actual candidates at some remote location…Donald Trump!

When the truth about this conspiracy comes out, it’s going to make what happened with the aliens at Roswell look like a game of duck-duck-goose.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Klugian said he remains “baffled” by people who insist on believing that the seven people who debated last night in Iowa are the actual Democrat candidates.

“There’s no way you can believe that if you actually watched the debate,” he said. “It was like a sitcom with no main characters and just wacky neighbors.”

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