By Harvey Tobkes

Common sense tells me it’s much too early to resume normal conditions and good science says the same thing times 10. All I am saying is we are jumping back to normal too soon and the consequences could be be severe.

Only time will tell us if this gamble is going to pay off or come up snake eyes.

The gamble is… do we play it safe, bite the bullet, keep the economy closed, causing pain for many who can’t tolerate the stay-at-home advisory; no doubt, it saves lives, yet protestors rant it will put the economy into a severe tailspin with unemployment leaping to record levels and the decline of our country. I say we recovered from a Civil War, WWI, WWII. and other debacles, so why not go with what is prudent? Remember the wise words of Jimmy Kimmel, “It is as if the Titanic was racing toward an iceberg and half the passengers were asking can you speed this thing up?”

The alternative stinks. We open up the economy, no more social distancing and watch cases and deaths mount exponentially. We should not forget…you cannot recover from death.

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