By Harvey Tobkes



Trump, in the war against COVID-19 had to choose between the economy dying or people dying and he chose to let people do the dying.

In war, given a difficult choice, generals usually choose victory over the death of soldiers or people (civilians). Remember Truman’s decision to bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Trump made the decision to not let the economy of the country die.

There is no no doubt, “The Shutdown” should have continued because it was the best known way to protect people from becoming victims. Opening up on restrictions was Trump’s big gamble probably based on the hope and prayer a vaccine will become available within a year, more or less. Sadly, the daily mounting death toll seems to be unrelenting and if you ask what the uninfluenced scientists are saying…in overwhelming numbers, they are highly skeptical that anything less than the original stringent guidelines will lead to less deaths from COVID-19, but that’s water under the bridge now that so many states have reopened to normal or close to it.

At some time in the future, hindsight will reveal what was the right thing to do.

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