*Note: This is a stock photo from Google Images and not of the actual event*

By Harvey Tobkes

It’s Sunday and I am watching the Marlins playing the Kansas City Royals.

Here’s what happened…In the 8th inning a K.C. batter drove a foul ball deep up into the right field upper deck. There were 3 young boys up there all with baseball gloves and one of the 3 wearing a red shirt, reached up and makes a sensational catch. O.K here comes the next pitch…Whammo!. The ball rises and goes to the same location and you guessed it…the same kid makes the same sensational catch.

Jessica Blaylock who does interviews with fans all over the ball park quickly got to the kid and asked him some questions…yeah he plays a lot baseball with his sponsored team. She then asked the kid a final question. “Any tips to others on how to catch a foul ball coming your way?” The kid was ready for that one and replied, “Just put your glove up and close your eyes.” Charming!

What popped into my mind is which of these is more likely to happen:
1. Catching back to back foul balls at the ballpark or…
2. Hitting the lottery on two successive days.

Final note: Very few men in this country can say in their boyhood years they never went to watch a Major League Baseball game, and all who did go had silent daydreams of catching a foul ball. Imagine being the kid who caught two.

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