By Harvey Tobkes

I have the answer we have all been seeking since biblical times…

There is a simple way to stay young and all it entails is eliminating mirrors. Not that easy a job, because they are almost ubiquitous but nevertheless if we all got together it would not be that difficult.

Old dollsIf I did not see the reflection of that old looking, son-of-a bitch that stares back at me, (who I don’t recognize, anyway), how would I know I looked any different than the photos taken of me at my marriage ceremony?

Thankfully, my bones and joints feel good and don’t creak; I can exercise hard and not be short of breath. My weight and body mass index are all in the normal range. I have all my hair and almost all of my teeth. I still find the opposite sex attractive.

No! I don’t feel old… maybe a bit chronologically challenged, but not OLD.

Now, if only we could get rid of all those damned mirrors!

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