By Harvey Tobkes

There’s a sensational new gadget available and I can’t wait to tell you about the latest in auto technology called “Driv-e-mocion.”

All you do is program a digital message into a 10-inch-round shaped disc…the suction cups on the back of the disc make it easy to stick it onto any window of your car, and you are all set. A wireless remote allows you to control it so that you can send bright red illuminated messages to the car behind, along side or in front.

Middle finger

Ahhhh….the pleasures of being able to communicate to that S.O.B. tailgating you or the “race-car driver wannabe” who cuts in front of you almost snagging your front bumper…. Just use the technology at your fingertips to light up in red letters, ‘BACK-OFF!” OR “IDIOT,” or “DIE YOU MORON,” or something a little stronger.

It’s easy to unload your road rage thoughts to those infuriating drivers on I-95; I am sure you can think of many imaginative things you would like to say and the Driv-e-mocion, depending on the model, holds between 9 and 24 messages . It should be noted that you can say, “Thank You!” to the courteous guy who allows you get in front of him when you are trying to get out of a slow-moving lane.

There is one slight negative to using this device, especially in Miami. The morning Miami Herald may be running a headline which reads…MAN SHOT FOR FLASHING “IDIOT” SIGN.

For more info and photos of Driv-e-mocion click here

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