By Harvey Tobkes

Most individuals are vain and need luxuries to express themselves; they need to show others that they have money and power. They want a car that will gain them respect, envy and admiration, and they rationalize the purchase by telling themselves it is a reward they deserve, and if they can afford it why not flaunt it.

I’ve heard all this explained with a vivid analogy: They say if 10 men were all naked in a Turkish Bath, nobody could know who was who, as the main difference in that setting would probably be penis size. However, when they go out to their cars in the parking lot and one guy gets into a Bentley while the others have to settle into a Chevy, Ford, or a Toyota; we get the message.

That, my friends, is the real world and we are supposed to know, at that moment, which one to respect and envy.

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