By Harvey Tobkes

A friend called Anita this morning and after some usual chit-chat the friend announced that today, November 24th, was her birthday. Anita wished her the best and mentioned that coincidentally, today, the 24th, is our anniversary.

Anita Tobkes Harvey Tobkes

The friend offered her congratulations and asked if it was a “milestone,” anniversary year.

Anita replied, “No, I wouldn’t call it a milestone, but I would call it a MIRACLE.”… I agree!

And after 66 years of marriage, no, that’s not a typo, counting from November 24th, 1954, to today, sixty-six is correct. I can safely say, all my young pals were wrong. THEY SAID IT WOULD NEVER LAST. Anita says…there are times she agreed with them. I say…we took a licking but we are still ticking!


P.S. In case you are wondering about the indiscreet old question, “Are her shoes under your bed at night?” the answer is… No! They are not under the bed, we are closer than that, if you know what I mean. The picture tells it all. Just kidding. Haha! Precious Moments Studios, our creative wedding photographer, composed that photo on Thanksgiving Eve, November 24th, 1954. Thankfully, they shot 800 ft of 16mm film, which is now on a DVD. we will watch it tonight and celebrate as we have always done over the years.


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