Worst “Healthy” Burger
Ruby Tuesday Avocado Turkey Burger
1,234 calories
81 g fat
2,961 mg sodium

————–UISE HIM———–

Turkey often has a health food reputation saying it’s so good for you. Not always! Take turkey bacon, for instance: Most people believe a strip of turkey bacon is better for you than the pork equivalent. But most people are wrong; both strips are roughly 35 calories, and turkey bacon usually comes with more sodium than the oinking variety.

That’s why you MUST check labels and use any other tools and guides at your disposal. Remember this the next time you’re aching for a juicy burger, but want to keep it healthy: Turkey burgers are often just as bad, if not worse, than regular burgers.

When at Ruby Tuesday, skip the burgers altogether and for your protein fix, order the Cowboy Sirloin instead.

Original source for text: Yahoo.com – Sorry, Link not available.

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