By Harvey Tobkes

The hygiene and sex products we blatantly see advertised on T.V. could not even have been imagined 50 years ago.


Frankly, they are so explicit, I find it a little embarrassing. I am thankful I don’t have to explain these things to children. To be specific, here are some examples that come to mind. Please note the slight concessions of polite words or euphemisms…

Viagra for erectile dysfunction, Dulcolax as a stool softener, Monistat for vaginal itch, Tampax that even allows the user to go swimming, K-Y Jelly and K-Y Sensual Spray (use your imagination), Preparation-H for hemorrhoids, Male Enhancer for guys who want to be the Superman of Sex, RectoRex for anal itch, Depends diapers for incontinence front and back, Cruex for crotch itch and a final category that comes to mind is flatulence; don’t forget to take either Gas-X or Bean-O.

Note: if you are passing too much gas, they don’t dare mention the sound or the smell. Come to think of it…a product that deadens the sound and conceals the smell might be a huge success.

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