People in the library

By Harvey Tobkes

Looking back over the years, I would say there is nothing to compare to reading a good book. It entertains and delights, calms the mind, enriches knowledge, exercises your brain, gives vicarious thrills, allows you to see places and things in your imagination that you never dreamed of.

What else can give you all that and more?

Harry PotterThat’s why I urge you all to encourage your children to read. And since most children look to their parents as role models, becoming an avid reader would certainly encourage their interest in books.

Help your kids! Find books for them that are appropriate and that you think they will love. The right selection is very important, because if they are bored by a story they will drop it and lose interest in the project.

Kids read in libraryThis happened many years ago: My wife was reading…The Physician by Noah Gordon and she mentioned how much she was enjoying it. I decided to browse the pages, and after that I was hooked like a flounder. It became almost routine for me to read 1 book a week and the best part is the Public Library is my source, and it’s all FREE!

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