Tombstone in a cemetery

By Harvey Tobkes

In this morning’s tech news, I read that a demented entrepreneur has come up with a solar powered television that can be embedded in tombstones. The 7 inch shatter resistant LCD screen is designed to last 15 years (the departed will be at rest for eternity). It is said to be vandal proof and needs 4 hours of sunlight to be able to play for 90 minutes. The gimmick is…it plays a short action clip (5 to 7 minutes) of the departed, reminiscent of This Is Your Life to stir our memories and our emotions. The Serenity Panel (I swear, that is the name), comes with 2 headphone jacks to listen to the audio; it is said to be able to help families celebrate the life of a lost loved one; there is a one year guarantee.


So, there is your dad at your 5th birthday party holding a martini, while wearing a funny hat and a fake snake around his shoulders. He is blindfolded and trying to pin the tail on the donkey with the rest of the kids. Boy! That was great. What a memory!

No matter how flattering or embarrassing the portrayal of the departed may be, I find this idea tasteless, inappropriate and offensive; it is not surprising to me that none have been sold yet.

However, if the TV were able to play Seinfeld reruns, that would change my whole outlook. Hahaha!

P.S. Don’t call Best Buy…they thought I was a whacko, when I asked if they sold a tombstone embedded T.V.

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