The heads of the all the Middle East countries devise a secret plan to finally get rid of Israel. They request a meeting with the Israeli Premier and say, “These conflicts between our countries have been going on far too long — let’s settle this once and for all. In five years we, the Arab countries as one, will bring a dog to represent us, and you will bring your dog. They will fight to the death and the winner will rule the entire Middle East.”

The Israeli premier agrees.

The Arab countries pool their resources, and find the largest, most vicious dogs and start breeding them until they create the most monstrous dog known to man. Five years later the time has come and the two sides meet in an arena for the combat.


From one entrance the Arabs unleash an unbelievably horrible creature, but from the Jewish entrance comes a strange looking poodle. The Arabs can’t contain their happiness. “Look what the Jews have brought to fight against us.”


The savage 200 pound creature charges, and the poodle slowly waddles to the center of the arena, opens his mouth, and with one gulp chomps the Arabs dog up and swallows it. The Arabs cannot believe their eyes.

“For five years we bred the most vicious dogs until we came up with a dog that no one could come close to. We fed the snarling beast raw meat every day. It killed every animal it came close to in training. How could it be possible your Jewish poodle swallowed him in one bite?”

“Simple,” says the Premier. “While you were breeding your dogs, we Jews figured out how to perform plastic surgery on an alligator.”

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