Taking into account all the crazies out there and all their attempts at inscribing their names in history, we are thankful that our government has the formidable Secret Service to protect the life of our presidents.

There have been multiple assassination attempts on presidents of the United States; there have been 90 separate attempts to kill sitting and former presidents as well as presidents-elect. Four attempts on sitting presidents have succeeded: Two other presidents were injured in attempted assassinations: then-former president Theodore Roosevelt and then-sitting president Ronald Reagan.

1 Abraham Lincoln
2 James A. Garfield
3 William McKinley
4 John F. Kennedy

Attempted assassinations

1 Andrew Jackson
2 Abraham Lincoln
3 Theodore Roosevelt
4 Franklin D. Roosevelt
5 Harry S. Truman
6 John F. Kennedy
7. Richard Nixon
8. Gerald Ford
9. Jimmy Carter
10 Ronald Reagan
11. George H. W. Bush
12. Bill Clinton
13 George W. Bush

Presidential deaths rumored to be assassinations

1 Zachary Taylor
2. Warren G. Harding

Source of information: WikiPedia.com

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