By Harvey Tobkes

We all recognize the tired clichés such as: — life is short so live for today, don’t sweat the small stuff, the present is a gift you never know what’s going to happen in life, you can get killed just crossing the street.

They all say the same thing in a different way, all are very fine philosophy, but when adversity strikes, do we live by those words or do we carry our problems as a burden and become depressed, discombobulated, aggravated, worried?

More likely, the latter is true for most of us because life is like a football game and we are both…the scorekeepers and the referees. We keep score by remembering the good and the bad. We are the referees because we decide what was very good and what was terribly bad.

Of course, the bad is penalized in our minds in the form of overriding the good. In fact, in football they score 6 points for a touchdown and 1 point for kicking the ball through the goal posts after the touchdown. Unfortunately, most of us score 6 points for the bad and 1 point for the good. So, when it’s time to look back at the game of life, some of us will find that the bad out-pointed the good. That’s bad!

It may take a little work for your brain cells to zoom in on what was positive in your personal history, recounting it all and totaling up the whole package, but if you make the effort, the picture starts to lose its fuzz and comes into sharp focus.

You will find, in retrospect, that your life was probably much sweeter than you imagined and you are a winner. So, when it’s time to get off the field and head for your eternal home, hopefully, you will raise your glass, and toast a life well spent.

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